What’s new on the blog?


I’m getting back to posting on my blog, mostly about technology. Coming up I’ve got a post planned about Redbox, Blockbuster, and the wonderland of movie services out there. I think you will enjoy it! As well, I plan to reblog some other posts. I think you will like it!


Winning Super Mario Galaxy

Well, I have managed to do something that not many people have done. I beat Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii! I forgot to mention I was a Mario fan, didn’t I? It was tricky, requiring all of the Grand Stars and sixty Power Stars just to access the last level. Now, getting to Bowser is harder than actually beating him. The battle is much different than the other fights with Bowser. The first phase involves Bowser turning into a boulder (like the Rock Mushroom from Super Mario Galaxy 2). If you can spin next to the opening, you stun him. Do that again (he get’s faster the second try), and you go to the second phase. This time you have to whack him by spinning a bulb toward him-as he rockets at you in his shell! If you stun him, like the first phase and all other Bowser fights before this one, he twirls around the planet. You have to spin into him again to hurt him. The second time around, like the first phase, you have to spin into him while he’s stunned twice. After that, you go to phase three, the last phase. It plays out like all of the previous Bowser fights, but on a slightly different looking planet. Bowser is crazy this time, using all of his old attacks, plus the shell spin from phase two. He gives you even less time to lure him into one of the lava reactors, favoring his shock wave attacks. Which, by the way, generate four shock waves now. Plus he makes a shock wave after every jump that doesn’t end him up in a blue reactor. Once he’s hurt, he runs away with a burnt tail. Spin into the tail to stun him. Then spin into him again. Keep this up about two or three more times to win. The ending sequence is awesome. I’ll let you see it for yourself…

The Google +1 Button

Google's new +1 button.I recently noticed an interesting new Google product: the +1 button! Basically what this thing does is appear in search results and web pages. When you click it, you log in with your Google Account and you basically say “I like this”. Your +1s will be used to help other people you know and around the world to find the same content when they Google Search. Your +1s can also be optionally added to your Google Profile. I’ve added support for +1s (you can click the button you see in the share section of my blog post pages [the page you see when you click the title of my blog posts, or in status posts, the date]), and I hope to soon add a big +1 button on my homepage.

You can visit Google’s +1 button home page at http://www.google.com/+1/button/, and you can add a +1 button to your page using the code at http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/.

Cube Age

As I said in my earlier post, PyPRP2, a plugin used to make URU Ages, is now available.  I have began work on a very basic Age, currently known as Cube Age:

A screenshot of my Age.The small Age will feature a platform with four cones. I might add something more, I’m not sure. Once I find a way to host (maybe github), I’ll try and make the Age available. Until then, you can try and make your own Age using PyPRP2.

Google Chrome – Why I like it

Google Chrome LogoGoogle Chrome is a web browser from Google. Yeah, I bet you guessed that because of the name. But, Google Chrome is a lot more than a name.

You see, the main web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari were made back when the web was just text and links, before web apps like Google Mail or YouTube existed. So, those browsers were made to view text, links, and the occasional image. Flash didn’t exist and neither did PDF. The whole reason you can view those are because of other programs. So Google decided to redesign the web browser.

Chrome is super-fast, has an incredible extension gallery, is super-secure, and runs super-fast. If you noticed I said super-fast twice, I did that on purpose. Chrome is the fastest browser available, and was the first stable browser to pass Acid 3 testing. That means it met browser standards set by the W3 (World Wide Web Consortium).

Plus, Chrome includes Flash and a PDF viewer built-in. This means Chrome auto-updates those programs so you don’t have to.

How do you get Chrome? It’s available at www.google.com/chrome for free!