Do you think you’d make a good president? – The Daily Post Topic #166

Do you think you’d make a good president?

I would never want to be in office, but I think I would make a good president. My first thing to do in office would be to make the public schools better.


More Blog Updates


I’ve done more updates to my site:

1. I’ve changed the theme to the new Twenty Eleven theme. Since my settings for all the themes I use are saved, I can switch easily between themes (Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten, Kubrick, and Mystique).

2. I’ve decided to opt out of Post A Day 2011 for now. Things keep happening to prevent me from posting each day. Maybe I’ll sign up for Post A Week. I don’t know. I will, however, continue to use The Daily Post’s post ideas.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Don’t forget to like and comment!

10 Reasons Every Writer Should Keep an Idea Box


This is a great post, it keeps you from forgetting all those ideas you keep having.

10 Reasons Every Writer Should Keep an Idea Box | Shari Lopatin: Rogue Writer How many times have I heard a (professional) writer tell me, “I really need an idea box?” Let me count the ways … What is an idea box? Simply put: it’s a box you keep close to your favorite writing spot (for me, on my desk) where you stash all those great ideas scribbled on random pieces of paper. Personally, I carry a small notebook in my purse and jot down all kinds of phrases throughout the day. Why do this? Well, here are 10 reasons EVERY wri … Read More

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Memorial Day

In the U.S. today is memorial day, a holiday started after the Civil War to remember people who served. Decades later, under the Uniform Holidays Bill, Memorial day moved to be on a Monday to create three day weekends. Do you think this helps people remember the meaning of the a holiday, or dilutes it?

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Something I believe is important when answering these questions is that most people think “Yay! It’s a three day weekend!” and don’t give thought to the meaning of the holiday. I believe that people would think more about the meaning of the holiday if it is in the middle of the week than on a Monday or even on the weekend. That’s what I think.