The Google +1 Button

Google's new +1 button.I recently noticed an interesting new Google product: the +1 button! Basically what this thing does is appear in search results and web pages. When you click it, you log in with your Google Account and you basically say “I like this”. Your +1s will be used to help other people you know and around the world to find the same content when they Google Search. Your +1s can also be optionally added to your Google Profile. I’ve added support for +1s (you can click the button you see in the share section of my blog post pages [the page you see when you click the title of my blog posts, or in status posts, the date]), and I hope to soon add a big +1 button on my homepage.

You can visit Google’s +1 button home page at, and you can add a +1 button to your page using the code at