What’s new on the blog?


I’m getting back to posting on my blog, mostly about technology. Coming up I’ve got a post planned about Redbox, Blockbuster, and the wonderland of movie services out there. I think you will enjoy it! As well, I plan to reblog some other posts. I think you will like it!


More Blog Updates


I’ve done more updates to my site:

1. I’ve changed the theme to the new Twenty Eleven theme. Since my settings for all the themes I use are saved, I can switch easily between themes (Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten, Kubrick, and Mystique).

2. I’ve decided to opt out of Post A Day 2011 for now. Things keep happening to prevent me from posting each day. Maybe I’ll sign up for Post A Week. I don’t know. I will, however, continue to use The Daily Post’s post ideas.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Don’t forget to like and comment!

Update complete!

Ten minutes and four or five theme updates later, I’ve finished updating to Mystique. An interesting bit: Mystique was released the day I opened my blog! Neat, huh?

Although my widgets and customization didn’t carry over like the preview showed, the black, white, and green work perfectly! I’ve added a few widgets, and I am going to remove the Add to Google and Blog E-mail Subscription widgets. If you have a WordPress.com account, you can subscribe using the admin bar, and adding an RSS feed to Google Reader takes even less time. I hope you like my new look!


Something I have finally decided to work on is switching my blog to a new theme. My current top candidate is Mystique due to it’s interesting look, cool widgets, and support for everything I currently have on my blog. The customization I’ve done on Twenty Ten will carry over to Mystique, meaning I’ll have my background color and header image all set up.


I’m sure you as a reader would like to know what I’m going to blog about, and I’ve posted some of my interests on the “About me” page, but here’s a full list of my interests:

MYST (specifically URU)

I’m going to copy this over to my “About me” page, and I’ve already copied it to my Gravatar profile.

As for what I’m going to post next, I’m going to make a post about Pokemon later today.