Cube Age

As I said in my earlier post, PyPRP2, a plugin used to make URU Ages, is now available.  I have began work on a very basic Age, currently known as Cube Age:

A screenshot of my Age.The small Age will feature a platform with four cones. I might add something more, I’m not sure. Once I find a way to host (maybe github), I’ll try and make the Age available. Until then, you can try and make your own Age using PyPRP2.


Guild of Writers – PyPRP2 Beta 1 released

After much hemming, hawing and delaying, we are finally ready to announce the first beta of PyPRP2: PyPRP2_0.8.1.

via Guild of Writers • View topic – PyPRP2 Beta 1 released.

Guess what? The Guild of Writers (you know, the people who make URU Ages) has come out with the PyPRP2 plugin for Blender! This means people can build their own URU Ages in Blender and save them to an URU install. While this is the first beta, no bugs have been found yet! If you want to use it, first download the latest version of Blender here, then click here to download PyPRP2, and follow the instructions in the readme! Although Blender is kind of tricky, the update makes it a lot easier! And fun! Oh, and there is a video that explains it: