10 Reasons Every Writer Should Keep an Idea Box


This is a great post, it keeps you from forgetting all those ideas you keep having.

10 Reasons Every Writer Should Keep an Idea Box | Shari Lopatin: Rogue Writer How many times have I heard a (professional) writer tell me, “I really need an idea box?” Let me count the ways … What is an idea box? Simply put: it’s a box you keep close to your favorite writing spot (for me, on my desk) where you stash all those great ideas scribbled on random pieces of paper. Personally, I carry a small notebook in my purse and jot down all kinds of phrases throughout the day. Why do this? Well, here are 10 reasons EVERY wri … Read More

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Batters Up: Major League Baseball Now on WordPress.com (via WordPress.com News)


Something cool came out a few days ago: Major League Baseball themes on WordPress! While porting in the MLB blogging community, they added three awesome new themes to WordPress. Although I will be keeping the Twenty Ten Theme, these themes will be awesome for any baseball fan!

Batters Up: Major League Baseball Now on WordPress.com Attention baseball fans, today we’re launching a triple-header of new themes just for you. We’ve partnered with MLB.com to bring its Fan, Modern, and Retro blog themes to WordPress.com. The designs range from minimal (“Modern”) to loud (“Fan”), and there’s even a throwback to old MLB Club logos and styles for a bit of nostalgia (“Retro”, of course). But that’s not all: you can also customize ea … Read More

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Nerd spring break: NASA Tweetup (via Rob Pegoraro)


First of all, sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Anyway, while browsing Freshly Pressed for some posts to comment on, I found this cool post. Basically, this guy was selected out of a massive number of Tweeters to go see the last space shuttle launch up close (right next to the countdown clock you’ve seen on TV). I’ve reblogged the post below.

Nerd spring break: NASA Tweetup I have had this afternoon’s flight on my calendar for 30 years, in one form or another: I’m going to Florida to see a space shuttle launch. I woke up absurdly early on an April morning in 1981 to watch the TV broadcast of Columbia’s liftoff. Witnessing that in person wasn’t something that a 10-year-old boy would necessarily imagine doing next, but it wasn’t too many years later that one of my best friends in grade school got to see a launch. The … Read More

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