What’s new on the blog?


I’m getting back to posting on my blog, mostly about technology. Coming up I’ve got a post planned about Redbox, Blockbuster, and the wonderland of movie services out there. I think you will enjoy it! As well, I plan to reblog some other posts. I think you will like it!


More Blog Updates


I’ve done more updates to my site:

1. I’ve changed the theme to the new Twenty Eleven theme. Since my settings for all the themes I use are saved, I can switch easily between themes (Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten, Kubrick, and Mystique).

2. I’ve decided to opt out of Post A Day 2011 for now. Things keep happening to prevent me from posting each day. Maybe I’ll sign up for Post A Week. I don’t know. I will, however, continue to use The Daily Post’s post ideas.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Don’t forget to like and comment!