Awesome Pokemon Hoenn Rival Battle Remix!

I know, I know. With the fifth generation of Pokemon games out, it seems like these are popping up everywhere. I’ve found one that is pretty good however:

Everything else on his YouTube channel is very good as well. I hope you like it!


Pokemon Team Building

Sorry it took me a while, but here’s my Pokemon Black & White team idea:

1. Victini
2. Starter
3. Reshiram/Zekrom
4a. Serperior (if Snivy wasn’t picked)
4b. Samurott (if Snivy was picked)
5. Klinklang/Zebstrika/other preferred Electric-type
6. Trainee/HM slave/other non-battler

Note that you should keep other strong substitutes available, and Pokemon six should be swapped out to someone stronger in link battles. Well, that’s my idea!

Oh, in the case of Victini, the North American WiFi Liberty Pass event ends today! Don’t forget to get it!!!