URU – A short history

Here is a little bit more on the history of URU:

There was an attempt by the creator, Cyan Worlds,  to make the game multi-player, however, due to system problems, it was cancelled. A fan-based version, known as Until URU, was created, which ran for a while until Cyan released their own version of the game, known as MYST Online: URU Live, or MO:UL for short. This was the first version to release new worlds, known in the game as Ages. However, eventually, it was cancelled. At the same time, the fan based organization Guild of Writers received authorization from Cyan to create servers known as shards running on an update of URU, known as Alcugs. The Guild also discovered how to hack URU installs and add fan content, which eventually led to a software program being made to add new Ages, which was known as URU Library Manager, or ULM for short. The shards adopted this, and began adding fan content as well. A plugin known as the Offline KI was created, named after the in-game device allowing you to do multiple game functions, which caused ULM to become outdated. So, a developer created UAM, or URU Age Manager. The same programmer worked on more URU hacking tools, and UAM was combined with an all-in-one toolkit called Drizzle, which is used even today. Eventually, in early 2010, Cyan released a new server, running MO:UL just as it was when the original shard was closed. One of the most recent developments is URU (and it’s engine) going open source just a few weeks back. This allows new system to be built that will be available for free. But, it might be a few months before new clients start appearing.

A good place to learn the basics of URU is the Guild of Greeters “A Beginners Guide to URU”, which you can find here. Ignore the bit about Visitors & Explorers, everyone is an Explorer on the new server.

If you bought URU using the instructions on my last URU post (over here), and you want to play URU offline, you can easily do that. Recover a new copy of your install from your backup, then simply follow the instructions on the Drizzle homepage to download Drizzle, set it up, add the Offline KI plugin to your install, and, finally, download Fan Ages. In game, Fan Ages you download will be copied to the “Restoration Links” section in your Nexus Age.

Well, I hope that shows you a little more about URU. If you want to know more, please comment, and I’ll answer those questions in my next post on URU.


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