What is URU?

URU is a great game released in 2003 with two expansion packs released the following year. The great thing about URU is there is NO fighting, killing, or war. Instead, you explore multiple worlds (known in game as Ages) to find different items. No, this is not I Spy on steroids. It is basically a RPG, adventure, and exploration game combined. If you are familiar with the MYST series of PC games, you might be interested to know that URU is actually a spin-off of MYST! Really! So how do you play? At the moment, every major Age is available to play online, for free, at UruLive.com! Some players have even began to build their own Age content and publishing it. Unfortunately, this requires purchasing the offline version of URU at present (although with URU becoming open source this might change eventually). Luckily, URU with all of the offline Ages is available for $10.00 at Good Old Games! It’s a bit confusing to set up, but this guide should help you. Oh, and you will need a free Guild of Writers account to play Fan Ages on the Deep Island Shard.

That’s URU in a nutshell! I’ll talk some more about URU in a later post.


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